So, it’s interesting how this is evolving. There is so much upheaval in my personal life right now. Financial & interpersonal relationships being the top two, but I find I don’t want to dwell on those bits. I want to fully explore the inner ticking’s of me, because really, how often do we think about the whys of our actions? Selfish much? Not really – but of course i’m going to say that. This is my brain space.

Top of my head this morning is Witchery.  In a funny way Witchery is all the things.  As I laid with my daughter last night, her middle of the night (read 9pm!) rising to sleep in our bed, listening to a brilliant book (the second in the series) The Lady Sherlock Series A Conspiracy in Belgravia by Sherry Thomas and flipping through Pinterest’s recommendations of Breakfast ideas, I came across this Pin Cinnamon Banana Muffins and I knew this was breakfast.  The picture alone drew me in. It’s not gluten free (GF) but I can convert pretty much everything now a days. Our kiddos have today off as it’s MLK day, so a easy breakfast needed to be made to join them in their bonus day of morning cartoons. *shrug* it is what it is. So it’s now 945ish, Monday morning, muffins being demolish and said cartoons on the telly. It’s freezing ass cold outside, snow expected today (it’s that tiny dry pebbly stuff right now), and i am well on my way through my second muffin and cup of coffee. Witchery. What does allllll that back story (Virgo – apologies – you needed the whole picture) have to do with Witchery.  Good goddess, how does it not. I am the mother/wife/witch – the epitome of Kitchen Witch and my doings are the Witchery.

With that Witcheriness came a long weekend of a sweet little 24 hour stomach virus (read noro virus) that hit two kids at a time. The puking, stomach cramps, general malaise, & whining that comes with illness. To combat we did simple foods: rice & chicken stock on multiple days. Homeopathics out the yin yang: gelsimium for the headache (also muscle pain), BHI flu, infuensium, carbo veg for nausea, and charcoal to absorb the toxins. Depending on the kid and complaints – abdominal pain drops for cramps all over, colocynthis for cramps low,  & dioscera vill for cramps high.  Intense chills was treated with Verbatim alb. Finally arnica montana for sore stomach muscles which only affected one of my sons as he was hit hardest with this virus. I have dosed everyone with King Chorella this morning. It has culturel in it, so it’ll help with rebuilding gut goodness. Tomorrow after school i’ll hit them all with ferrum phos as a preventative measure. it’s a anti-viral, so whatever is going around school, hopefully our kids won’t get anything else. None of them are pretty pukers, that’s for sure – and how fascinating it was to see how each of them dealt with the experience. One son was mad (stomping his feet and crying), our daughter was in shock and had no idea what was happening (she’s 2.5, so it was her first time), another son despises puking, but makes a terrible mess, and our final son was resigned to it as his other brother had been afflicted earlier in the morning. His stomach ache hit right at the end of breakfast on Sunday and after hours of moaning and groaning finally succumbed. Everyone is fine this morning, but we will take it easy and keep it simple.

I have mad plans for this perfect home day: putting up curtain rods/curtains, painting a shelf for our daughters room and getting it hung, a titch of laundry, putting away holiday bins, and starting to declutter/detoy the playroom. Hopefully i’ll find our girlie’s missing maryjane. See lot’s of Witchery in action!

Imbolc (that’s midwinter) is coming, so plans for earth candles are on the horizon. My son’s 12th birthday is coming the day before – plans for that are coming as well.

It’s supposed to be an astrologically crazy week says my girl B – i have a bit of reading to do to raise my awareness.

January 2018 &

January 15 2018
This 5 D questing field, accessible via a rare stellium of 9 planets in Capricorn at tomorrow’s New Moon,is a hologram of the 2018-2020 timeline. A stunning webwork of 3D/5D light bridges opens a portal through the eclipses of January 31 and February 15 all the way toMarch 17 when shaman Chiron activates a new world.
It is a download of pure creator consciousness only accessible to those who have already woken up.So leverage this once in a lifetime access to the Cloud to up level your offerings; re-tool ; incubate radically new creations,different from anything you’ve done before; walk the edge of chaos knowing this is where the power and the magic lie. Your dark materials are your resources- all of them including your old scars and wounds. Excavate them all and release them into the light of day to form and re- form into
an entirely new trajectory of soul expression and making a living:

what’s your intention for the next 2 years?
what’s your deeper purpose- your big WHY – that’s seeding your tomorrow?
what radically unthinkable options are waiting for you in this shifting field?
Access your weekly forecast January 14 – 21 here: http://www.hareinthemoonastrology.co.uk


Good day to you all.



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